The best way to set and achieve your goals.

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Designed Around You

KesKas fits seemlessly into your objectives. Be they personal or professional.

Based on Performance Science

KesKas is based on performance coaching. We help you get clear about where you are heading and how you are going to reach your goals.

Easy to Use

Focus on what you need to be doing. KesKas handles the rest.

ToDo Done

KesKas isn't a ToDo app. We're built to help you achieve your goals. The simple process helps you set a target, performance level, and performance cadence--the key elements of success.

Engineered for humans

KesKas isn't built for addiction or to sell your data. You control how KesKas interacts with you--always to drive you towards your goals.

Staying positive, moving forward

KesKas helps you do more. We are focused on keeping you in a positive mental space. Open KesKas and you'll never see a list of tasks guilting you. Instead you get the high level overview of your performance that you need.

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